Monday, July 3, 2017

Transcription of the Last Will and Testament of John "The Clothier" Wood

John "The Clothier" Wood is my paternal 12th great-grandfather.  I previously posted about him in relation to his occupation. Recently, I've been researching him more extensively, and I wanted to share a transcription of his last will and testament (which I found here).

"John Wood of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 8 March 19th Elizabeth, proved 2 April 1577.  To eldest son Richard my tenement and grounds called Stevens in Dedham and twenty acres called Dawes and Bromeleye in Lawford, Essex.  My houses and lands in Carsey and Lynseye, Suffolk, both free and copy, to be sold within four years and the money divided between my two sons Henry and George Woodd, part and part alike, to be paid at their several ages of twenty and five years.  To wife Mary my tenement called Pidgewells, with all the grounds, being about ten acres, in Dedham, and all my lands called Foexes Pigtells in Lawford, an acre of free hold meadows in Stratford, holden of Sir John Syllyard, and one free meadow in Stratford, holden of the Earl of Oxenford and three Roodes of free meadow holden of Stratford Hall and one acre of copyhold meadows in Stratford holden of the said Sir John Sylliard, to have and to hold the above-said premisses during the time of her natural life; and after that to my son Robert, provided that if my said son Robert at the death of his mother be not then of the full age of twenty and five years, the above premises to be let and the rent &c. to be equally divided betwixt all the rest of my children then living until the said Robert do accomplish his said age.  And, if Robert die before that then these lands &c. shall be and remain unto my son John.  To my son John my farm house &c. with lands &c. in Starthford in the Co. of Hertford, he to enter at twenty-five.  If Richard died before my son Henry shall have all the said lands &c. next my son George.  To wife Mary my little meadow called Crab tree meadow in Stratford, Suffolk, for life, paying to the churchwardens of Dedham for the poor there twenty shillings at two several terms in the year.  After her decease the Governors of the Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth in Dedham shall have the meadow for ever, paying yearly the said twenty shillings &c.  To daughter Mary my warehouse or salt house in Harwich (at twenty one), remainder to daughter Frances.  To the latter ten pounds at twenty one.  If my said son Richard shall go about to trouble or otherwise deal with Mary my wife and Henry Sherman, my only executors, to the intent that this is my last will and testament cannot nor may not take effect then I will that the said Richard shall take no benefit of any of my lands &c. unto him bequeathed.  And the said Richard shall suffer my wife to carry away all such goods &c. as I have given unto her.  To my brother Thomas Wood ten shillings.  My wife May and my cousins Henry Sherman the younger of Dedham, over and besides his ordinary charges about this my last will &c. I give three pounds.  I make John Lucas of Manyngtree my supervisor, bequeathing him twenty shillings.  Among the witnesses was Henry Sherman the elder (by mark)."

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