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"Where There's a Will" - Transcription of Levin Woollen's Last Will and Testament

How I descend from Levin Woollen. My father and I follow after Betty
Henderson Wood in the lineage shown above.

Levin (a.k.a., Leven, Leavin, and Leaven) Woollen was born in 1744 in Dorchester County, Maryland.  Various records show him living in Maryland up until the time of the 1800 United States Census for Dorchester County, Maryland.  By the time of the enumeration of the 1810 United States Census, Levin had moved about 400 miles southwest of Dorchester County and was residing in Rockingham County, North Carolina.  On 07 August 1820, the United States Census recorded him as living in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Then, on 14 February 1832, Mr. Woollen filed his last will and testament, as follows, with the Guilford County, North Carolina, Clerk of Court.

Last Will and Testament of Leven (sic) Woollen.

Transcription of Levin Woollen's Last Will and Testament

File # 0673

In the Name of God Amen.  I Leven Woollen of the County of Guilford & State of North Carolina, Considering the uncertainty of life being of sound mind & (illegible) Memory.  Do Ordain & disclose this to be my last Will & Testament revoking all others.

Item 1.  I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Rebecca Woollen Our bed & furniture her natural lifetime.

Item 2.  I give & bequeath to my son William B. Woollen all my land which I may disposed & pop??ed of by his paying Five Dollars to each of the rest of the legates that is to say my son Levin Woollen, to my daughter Nancy Woollen, & To. my son Edward Woollen, to my son Benjamin Ellis Woollen, & to my son Charles W. Woollen.

Item 3.  I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Ellis Woollen, one bed and its common furniture.

Item 4.  My Will is the remaining part of my property not otherwise disposed of to be sold and Equally divided Betwixt my son Leven Woollen, Nancy Woollen, Edward, William, Barns (sic), Benjamin Ellis, of Charles Wesley Woollen.

Item 5.  I do hereby Constitute Ordain, and appoint John A. Smith my executor to this my last Will & Testament.  Duly Executed, I do hereby Confirm the same in the presence of God, and here unto set my hand & Seal After Minute deliberation,

Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of us
this (illegible) 14th day of February in the year of} Leven Woollen {Seal}
our Lord 1832

Martin Weatherby}
Green (his X mark) Gordon} durant?

State of North Carolina
Guilford County} November Term 1832
The Execution of the the within Will was duly proven
in Open Court by the Oathes of Marin Weatherby & Green Gordon
Laboring(?) Witnesses Hereto.

Ordered to be Recorded
Then carrier(?) into Open Court.  John A. Smith Esquire Executor
appointed in said Will of qualified as such Accordingly.


A. E. Hanner(?) c/c

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