Thursday, May 14, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday - My Maternal Grandfather's Rosary

This week, I am participating in +Genea Bloggers' Treasure Chest Thursday.

Years ago, my mom's family passed along my grandfather's childhood rosary to me.  Though my grandfather, Andrew Joseph Pampas, Jr. (1923-1995), grew up Catholic in Louisiana, my grandmother was Protestant.  After marrying Grandmama, he went to church with her and became a member of her church.  So, he was never a practicing Catholic during the years I spent around him.

I still clearly remember this rosary hanging on the top corner of the mirror of the vanity in my grandparents' bedroom, and I always thought it was quite lovely and a bit mysterious.  It is made of mother of pearl and metal (perhaps silver that has now tarnished?).  I haven't cleaned it, because I want to preserve it as-is.

Now that I have it, I store it - along with some other family heirlooms - in a unique, antique, compartmentalized box that my grandmother gave me.  (I will do a future Treasure Chest Tuesday post on the box.)

When my daughter moved from public school to Catholic school in 2013, my grandmama sent her a very similar rosary that also belonged to Granddaddy.  I didn't realize that he had owned more than one until then, and I was thrilled for her to receive such a meaningful gift to connect her to her great-grandfather, especially since she never got to meet him.

It truly seems to be the little things, like this rosary, that offer us strong connections to our ancestors and past.  I miss Granddaddy every day and am so thankful to have this piece of his life to treasure.

Granddaddy's rosary that was given to me.

A closer up picture of Granddaddy's rosary that was given to me.

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