Monday, April 20, 2015

Amanuensis Monday - Translation and Transcription of a Letter from my Maternal Grandfather's Allied-Occupied Germany Host Family

After the end of World War II, my maternal grandfather, Andrew Joseph Pampas, Jr. (1923-1995), remained abroad for a while as part of the Allied Occupation of Germany.  For this Amanuensis Monday hosted by +Genea Bloggers, I will share a translation and transcription of a letter members that his German host family wrote to him after he was back home in Concord, Cabarrus, North Carolina.  This letter was found among his war keepsakes.

Sharing this would not have been possible without the generous help of my college classmate, Oswald Harris King IV, who speaks fluent German and worked diligently to translate this as accurately as possible.  Note that because of the differences between more modern German and the 1940s' German, as well as aging of the paper, some words written in the letter could not be translated.

Scan of Original Letter

A circa 1945 letter from Granddaddy's German host family.


Dear J. Andreas,

We are sending you many lovely greetings and wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts. ...Your parents will be happy to have you back again, but we have lost a wonderful person in you.  Hopefully we will see each other again, …and we pray to God ….. Peter, as well as Sklero, will return home in good health.  I am lying in bed (am bedridden) because my heart is not cooperating again.  All the best for you and your …, from

P… and M… Heuse…

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