Monday, March 2, 2015

Amanuensis Monday - Transcription of a 16 July 1985 Letter from My Maternal Great-Grandmother, Faye Elizabeth Litaker ("Nanny")

I am transcribing this based on +Genea Bloggers Amanuensis Monday prompt.  This letter was written from Nanny (1901-1995), living in Concord, Cabarrus, North Carolina, to my family when we lived in Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina.  The envelope was addressed to me, and the stamp cancellation on the envelope says "CHARLOTTE NC" and is dated 18 Jul 1985.  (A letter stamp was 22 cents!)  I'm including a few photos at the end so readers can put faces with the names.

Copy of Letter


Tuesday morning
Dear Amy, Jennie, and Mike,

It was so good to talk to you all of you.  We are all doing very well.  Jane said it was work, work, work.  She canned 58 qts of beans of beans over the week end.  Jean call and said her mother and her had 2 bushel.  Your daddy and her went down there and got them.  Mrs. Smith and Jean, Heather had string a bushel which was so nice.  And Mrs. Smith said she had up to 90 qts. So Jane worked all Sunday afternoon after we helped to get them ready.  But they are nice for we didn't have any.  She has about 75 jars or over.  Bo-Bo* has not found out any thing yet about his self.  Will next week.  The Dr don't care, they just after money.  It will be the first of the week when Dr Kelling gets back from his vacation.  So I guess he will wait, that all you can do for they don't care.

Anna and Gary and little Matthew* are doing okay.  The lady that keep him say he is good but he kindly has a cold.  That is in and out the air-condition get out and hot go in air.  We are having some hot weather and I know you are to.  I will be glad when it get cooler.  Want [sic] you.

Well this is a little note.  No one else have time to write.  Say they don't have time.

Well this is it.

Hope all of you can come up soon any time.

Love to all of you

*My uncle, Andrew Joseph Pampas III ("Bobo") tragically passed away at the age of 41, just eight days after Nanny wrote this letter.  My first cousin, Matthew Lynn Kiser, also died tragically in a 2006 car accident at the age of 20.

Family Members at Grandmama and Granddaddy's 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1992.
Left to Right:  Lori in front of me, my mom with Matthew in front of her,
Nanny (seated),  Grandmama (Jane), Jean (Bobo's widow), Heather (Bobo's daughter),
Granddaddy (Andrew), Anna (my aunt), and Gary (Anna's husband).

Bobo holding me at Grandmama's house, circa 1969.

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